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The following are dogs that you're going to need to fill out that are going to be sent to the lender in addition to the other documents that I requested from you previously they're going to have a RMA which is request for a low modification in affidavit a 40 50 60 but dodd-frank certificate and of course a hardship letter which you're going to be filling out and now go over in another episode how to fill out our hardship letter you can download these forms and making home affordable govern also get them on our website at Robert Donna com including pnl worksheets blank rental agreements and also this slide presentation on a PDF format at robert l don'r com we can help you fill these forms out and give you a pre-qualification if you want at no expense and this presentation just so you know an instructional video only applies to owner occupied properties but you can also use this video and information for non-owner occupied homes it's just pretty tough to get a little modification for a non-owner occupied home but you could still use this information towards trying to obtain in one of those type of loan modifications also so let's get to the documents okay so this is what's called The Making Home Affordable program request for modification and affidavit is this is the actual loan modification application you're going to be filling out and again the previous information you gather in the previous video it's going to give you the information you're going to need to properly fill this out obviously you're going to need your loan ID number that's why you need your mortgage statements your servicer so if your bank of america emc Wells Fargo whoever it is you want to put your servicer in here it's important to put your loan number and your servicer i also want to put your full name the name as it appears on your loan mod loan application okay make sure you put your social security number your date of birth your home phone number with an error code and and I I would personally put my cell phone number on here because if they're trying to get a hold of you you're not always going to be at home and you know getting them to call you back it's like hitting the lottery in many cases so be kind of cool to have your your cell phone number on there that way if they need to get a hold of you they can Bingle just call you on your cell phone you can pick it up at any time here's the coal borrow information on your right hand side so anyone who is also on the loan used to go on here your co-borrower social security number date of birth home phone number with area code and our cell phone number if they want to do that now here's here's a little area here where talks about keeping the property versus selling it if you definitely want to keep the property say that you want to keep the property because in many situations the lenders what they want to do is they'd rather sell your property and if you're telling them right now the you'd rather sell the property but you...